Tasting Hawaii
in SoCal





Poke is a Hawaiian dish of diced raw fish commonly served on rice and vegetables. We here at Poke Tiki blend Hawaiian, Korean, and Japanese flavors to create a unique twist on tradition. With more than 10 choices of protein, 15 toppings, and 8 sauces, we hope to build a delicious and satisfying bowl that fits your craving every time. We prep our ingredients fresh every day, use sushi-grade fish, and serve with a dedication to quality and cleanliness. Find the fit to your poke craving here!


Different Locations
Different People

We have six great locations all around Southern California. We are not a franchise or some big corporation, but each one is individually family-owned. Our vision is to be a healthy and positive part of the community we serve and so you’ll find exclusive sauces or toppings or sides at various locations as we’re always taking suggestions from our regulars and recipe-testing to keep our taste fresh and delicious. Just as our bowls are custom, we try to customize each Poke Tiki to the surrounding community to be the best fit!